Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release




Pre-Release Schedule and Info:


All events are 4 rounds of swiss (you play all 4 regardless of record)

You win one pack per match win, and a bonus pack if you go 4-0.

*Events are $25 each for your first 3 and $20 each after that.  We still have a few $105 for 5 flights left as well.

For each event you will choose a clan and receive a clan box to construct your deck, which will include 1 pack containing cards weighted towards your clan and 5 regular packs.


Friday Sept. 19:  Midnight

Sat. Sept 20:  11am   4pm  9pm (2 headed giant)

Sun. Sept 21:   2pm (2 headed giant)  7pm


*A ‘market’ surcharge may be added to some clans as the weekend progress depending on demand.  If you know what clan(s) you want, please pre-order by Thursday.



Unplug, come play!!

Magic: The Gathering


Tabletop Board Games


Minis and RPG


Upcoming Events
Weekly Schedule

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game 7:00

Standard. 5:30 $6 entry, 8 and 4 man grinders.

Tabletop Roleplaying 7:00 currently D&D Adventurer's League
MTG Commander play 6pm till close

Draft Night. $11 MTG booster drafts! Your first draft just $8
First draft stars about 6:00 and drafting every time we get 8

Friday: Friday Night Magic

Starts at 8:00 p.m,
$5 and $10 tournaments: Standard constructed, swiss!
Last Friday of every month is Modern!

Saturday: Rotating events


X-Wing miniatures game 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month

Marvel Dice Masters 3:00pm

Commander and open board gaming all day. We have many board games for use, and there are always extra commander decks to use so come on out. We give out random prizes from time to time, so come often to get free stuff

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