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New website is coming!!

Under Construction…


Our current website is pretty clunky to navigate, update etc. an although it served our purpose when we opened, it no longer fills our needs, so we are working on a total re-design (to be launched sometime this spring).  We would love your input on how we can better use our website to serve our customers, so let us know in the comments if there is something specific we should add.


Features currently planned for re-design.

  • Calendar of events searchable by several different variables such as location, event type etc.
  • Streamlined sections for our offerings such as MTG, Tabletop Games etc.
  • Web Store for limited deals and pre-registrations etc (We will not be launching a full web store at this stage, although it is planned for a later date)
  • Content and videos, including demos for many games, and some MTG content relevant to local metagame  (nothing  close to SCG or ChannelFireball, but gotta start somewhere)
  • Message boards designed specifically to facilitate helping people find groups for various games, (pathfinder, MTG playtesting etc.)

Upcoming Events
Weekly Schedule

Play-testing night! Come out and play-test with us and your friends. We have a 'gauntlet' of Standard and Modern Decks for you to test with on a regular basis.

Standard. 7:30 $6 entry 8 and 4 man grinders.
Belmont location Closed

Wednesday: Belmont Location Closed

Draft Night. Your first draft just $7
Starting about 7:00 and drafting every time we get 8

Friday: FNM:
Starts at 8:00 in Indian Trail, 7:30 in Belmont
$5 and $10 tournaments: Standard
$5 FNM starts in July at Belmont

Saturday : Rotating events, check 'Saturdays' tab in top bar

Commander and open board gaming all day. We have many board games for use, and there are always extra commander decks to use so come on out. We give out random prizes from time to time, so come often to get free stuff.

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